A holistic approach to managing business relationships


Insights into the current business situation

Based on the current business situation insights we prepare recommendations
for developing and managing collaborative business relationships.
  •   analysis of existing relationships with business partners or network members
  •   analysis of existing business issues, development strategies and projects
  •   recommendations for improving and/or expanding business partnerships and networks
  •   proposal of possible new and innovative collaborative business models
  •   recommendations for systematic collective intelligence building
  •   recommendations for improving business relationship management in accordance with ISO 44001 standard

Development of collaborative business models

Redesigning the existing business relationship management system and
development of new partnerships, business models, processes and tools.
  •   in-house training and mentoring of key personnel
  •   redesigning existing or creating new partnership strategies and business models
  •   redesigning or creating organizational and other basis for managing business relationships
  •   searching for partners, agreeing with potential partners, and finally selecting partners
  •   development and/or use of modern collaborative tools
  •   preparation of basis for obtaining international ISO 44001 standard

Managing and nourishing business relationships

We recommend transparency, quick responsiveness and
periodic monitoring of added value for all involved partners.
  •   providing information, communication and exchange of common issues and new initiatives
  •   periodic monitoring and verification of added value for all involved partners
  •   monitoring trends, identifying new opportunities and updating an existing strategy
  •   introducing new opportunities, new partnerships and business models
  •   ensuring the visibility of the partnership in the general and professional public
  •   taking over a partnership and/or member-based network systems management

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